sent via microwave radiation through an afternoon mountain breeze

In the woods of Northern California, seasonal camping with friends.  Life here is pretty good.  Deep winter lies ahead - time to prepare.  Camp is running smoothly.  Organized and ready, with water, shelter, a good stock of food, off the grid electricity, and cellular internet.  Plus a lot of coffee and tea and a little whiskey and beer.  Warm beautiful days with the eccentric crew, tranquil sunrises shared with the birds, chilly nights snuggling in the van with my amazing love.  With nothing wanting, poverty beholds abundance.

happy wandering robot

moving out of my truck and into my girlfriends van.

life is fun. :)

and just a little scary. ;)


In love with a traveler, a beautiful divine being who loves me too.

Life, you never fail to amaze me.  Universe, thank you for every moment I’ve been blessed to share with her.  Self, be not afraid of the unknown, follow your heart and all will be well.


<3 ache.

hacking remotely.  the meth heads keep a wider berth when my machete is out.  thanx to the parx dept for the juice - picking those 2 padlox on the fuze box slowed me down a minute…

sun dried traveler

My brain has been baked by the sun and my energy sapped, my skin dark and dirty, my pants a mosaic of stains.  I have a strong feeling I smell… authentic.  Six days standing out in the one hundred degree sunlight of a small northern California town, silently begging for anything, from anyone who would read my aging sign: “TRAVELIN’ ANYTHING HELPS”.  And it does.

I have a hard time asking for help.  But it sure is gratifying to receive it from strangers.  Nothing free ever came easy.  It is a meditation to stand exposed with life moving all around me, as the hours pass and the sun crosses the sky.  It is a lesson in humanity to see all the different souls who cross my path, fleetingly connecting with some, sharing smiles, waves, looks of mutual recognition.  Eventually I become delirious and begin singing, dancing, and laughing to myself, smiling at the birds and the distant mountains.  The pain in my body slowly transforms into a familiar and comfortable numbness.  My mind feels vast and uncluttered.  My soul feels warm and alive.

My goals now met, I rest my weary body in the comfort of coffee shop air conditioning, slowly recharging with hot coffee and ice water, reconnecting to the online world for a brief moment in time.  My expenses covered, my tank filled, I’ll soon return to my camp in the hills, miles from anywhere and anyone.

I know not where this long and winding road of life is taking me, delicately balanced on the rim of the clusterfuck abyss, but the view is spectacular and rarely is there a dull moment.

I’ve been out of the loop and off the grid, checking in before I go even further far afield.